May 13, 1914 Columbus to Greensburg

In His Own Words

Day 11. May 13, 1914: Columbus, OH to Greensburg, PA

The next day being May 13, I got some of this unlucky number wished on me. The boys in Columbus showed me through the city and finally led me to the end of the beautiful pavements they had there, and, as if chopped off by a knife, came the end of that good road. Before me lay roads that looked like newly-plowed fields, and I found on getting into them that it was mud almost knee deep. I had some real riding to do that day, my Indian  acting more like a bucking bronco than a motorcycle.

The final dash to New York

I arrived in Wheeling, W. Va., at noon, had some lunch there and continued on my way. It was my intention to pass through Pittsburgh but I began to figure that I would get into congested traffic in the Smoky City and lose a lot of time, so I didn’t go directly down the main part of town, but switched at Washington, Pa., passing through West Pennsylvania, skirting the base of the mountains into Greensburg, Pa., and arriving there about 7 o’clock in the evening in a downpour of rain. I had covered a distance of 232.8 miles through rain and mud, so I put up at Greensburg that night.