May 14, 1914 Greensburg to New York City

In His Own Words

Day 12. May 14, 1914: Greensburg, PA to New York City, NY

On the morning of the 14th at 4 a.m., I started from Greensburg with the intention of making Philadelphia my next night’s stop. The roads began to look better to me, and I soon made up my mind that I would not stop until I had reached New York.

I reached Philadelphia about 6 o’clock in the evening, or, rather, Paoli, which is 30 miles west of Philadelphia. There George S. Maslen, the Indian dealer at Philadelphia, met me with a number of riders and he elected one of them to show me the way into New York City. After having supper at Paoli, we started for New York City, and it being a very dark night, we were lost two or three times, even with the rider who knew the roads. He showed me the way to Weehawken, N.J., where I took the ferry to New York City.

This ferry consumed over half an hour of my finishing time, and my feet touched the streets of New York at 10 minutes past 12, the night of the 14th. I landed at West Forty-second street.

Pictures were taken by flashlight at the ferry house, and then I proceeded to the Hotel Astor, where I was met by a delegation of New York reporters and Associated Press men, also by Mr. Sherman, of the Publicity Department of the Hendee Manufacturing Company.

My race with time was then ended and I found that I had accomplished that which I had undertaken; that my trip had taken only 11 days, 12 hours and 10 minutes.

I took along an extra electric light bulb, expecting to need it in such hard riding. But I arrived in New York with the original bulb still in its socket and burning brightly. My batteries were still in fine condition and needed no recharging or attention during the ride.

In my estimate it was the cradle spring frame above all else that contributed to my success. It absorbed all road shocks and vibrations, and this, of course, saved my strength and beside, enabled me to make speed over the roughest roads. Then after talking with the reporters until 2 o’clock in the morning, I turned in.