May 7, 1914 Santa Fe to Watrous, NM

In His Own Words

Day 5. May 7, 1914: Santa Fe, NM to Watrous, NM

Delayed by a Swollen Stream

I left Santa Fe about 5:45 the next morning, with the intention of making another record day’s ride and a little before 8 o’clock I had finished a ride of 86 miles. Eighty-six miles of mountain climbing, and then my road through these mountains brought me to a mountain stream on which I had not figured. It was so swollen that it looked to me as if my journey was at an end. There was no means of crossing at this point and I spent almost an entire day locating a safe point to ford the stream with the machine. Finally I found a place in the river that was shallow enough to take the machine across without immerging the entire motorcycle in the river. In order to do this I waded back and forth across the stream many times to locate the shallow ford and by the time I finished this job it was 5 o’clock in the evening. I dried my clothes and then started for a little town called Watrous, which was about 18 miles distant, making a complete run of 94.8 miles. I rode up the postmaster at Watrous and had him put the post office stamp in my book, as this was a point from which I could not telegraph to the officials of the F.A.M.