May 8, 1914 Watrous to Syracuse, Kansas

In His Own Words

Day 6. May 8, 1914: Wastrous, NM to Syracuse, KS

On the eighth day of May (*1) I left Watrous at 3 a.m. coming through Wagonmound. From Watrous to Wagonmound the going was fine, as this was all prairie land, and from Wagonmound to Springer, New Mexico, the roads were good. I then hit Raton. The going here was rough in spots, but I crossed through the Raton Pass to Trinidad and found this part of the going rougher, due to the severe storm I was trailing across the continent. This was most particularly due to washouts.

I stopped and had dinner at Trinidad and then continued on to La Junta to get gasoline and oil. After getting another square meal and a little rest, I continued on good Kansas roads, riding on the Santa Fe trail, and finally reaching a little village which had met with a severe storm which had washed out all the bridges. I therefore found it necessary to go a roundabout way, 25 miles back on to the Santa Fe trail, riding to Syracuse, Kansas, that night, a distance of 348.9 miles. I put up there overnight.

*1: Baker’s dates got off track for a few days, and in his story he incorrectly listed this as the “Seventh day of May.” May 7th was his short day to Watrous.