May 9, 1914 Syracuse to Ellsworth

In His Own Words

Day 7. May 9, 1914: Syracuse, KS to Ellsworth, KS

Welcomed at Dodge City

On the morning of May 9 (*2) I started out with the intention of making Kansas City that night. The roads were fine and I began to feel at home. I continued riding until within 40 miles of Dodge City, when I was brought to a sudden stop by picking up my first nail in the rear tire. Within the next 20 miles I picked up six nails and lost a lot of time repairing tubes. I continued five miles further and then the boys from Dodge City, about 25 in number, met me with a good Indian yell, and you can just bet I was pleased.

I got into Dodge City O.K. and had dinner, and the boys fixed me up with gasoline and lubricating oil. They wanted me to stop over and look at their new racetrack, but they forgot I was out knocking minutes off a record. However, this track was on my way out of the city going east and I managed to get a good view of it. The boys continued on with me until they had gone about ten miles east.

From Dodge City I rode right for Great Bend. “Speck” Warner, the Indian agent at Ellsworth, Kansas, met me 30 miles west of Great Bend, riding with me into Ellsworth, 80 miles. While covering this distance we had an interruption caused by a large shepherd dog, which came very near putting me out of my transcontinental trip. This dog seemed to have a great desire for the Goodyear tire on my front wheel, but my desire for this tire was still greater. The dog took a fall out of me, which put me in bad shape, as I slid along the road on my elbows and knees. I kept the tire and the dog lost his life. At Ellsworth I had a good meal, then sent for a doctor to get bandaged up, and went to bed.

*2: Baker incorrectly listed this as “May 8.”